New Years, New Starts


New Year Thoughts
“Yoga is about creating space in our bodies and minds so contentment
can find a place to live within us. If we practice with humility and trust, then we create a container that attracts contentment. [. . .] Contentment is being willing to accept both your happiness and your lack of it at any give moment. Sometimes we are asked to actively
remain present with our discontent—to see it as simply what is arising
within us, and to look at it with a sense of nonjudgment.” – Judith
Hanson Lasater, writer from Yoga Journal Magazine
So very often life takes us places we never anticipated, maybe didn’t even want at the time, yet
so desperately needed in hindsight. I had no idea when taking that yoga class in college ((#realtalk to avoid any “actual form of exercise” as a credit)) that a burning passion would be born.
For someone like me who needs anything to help relax, ((cause let’s
face it no matter how hard I deny it I am just wired to be a bundle of
nerves on any given day)) finding an avenue to expend those jitters
while also calming my mind down and getting a decent workout in led to
a 1.5+ year long early high school version of myself and all my
friends&family still scratching their heads wondering how I managed to
“keep the weight off.”
So many people have asked me what my “secret is” or how I “diet.”
Well, hate to burst your bubble. But I don’t believe in ANY of that. Actually, I don’t believe in resolutions for New Years at all. What I do believe in? Something I read recently in my newly top 5 favorite books ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING by Max Lucado. . .

“The path to peace is paved
in prayer. Fewer anxious thoughts, more prayer-filled thoughts. ‘Cast
all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.’ Casting is an
intentional act to relocate an object.”

Everytime I stretch my muscles
into a yoga posture I thank God for my ablity to do so, because it is never lost on me the blessing to have a functioning body. To have health. To have life.
So join me as I intend to reconnect with my roots of writing, of praying, of serving, of loving in this year of 2018.

SOVEREIGN is my word for 2018. . .what’s yours?!
TOODLES for now,


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