“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Anthony Robbins

For those just getting to know me, you may skim my bio and think to yourself “Oh boy another petite person obsessed with green living.” And to be honest The old me would be sitting right there next to you poking fun & carrying on eating Taco Bell ((confession: I still eat it from time to time #realtalk #human)). As pictured above, I strove towards pleasantly plump after Ellie popped out and thought I was doing a pretty good job faking the pleasant for a while. Have to hand it to my bestie Jackie also pictured who always taught me being happy with your weight meant more than what a scale could tell you.

But what I’m here to tell you today is you’re RIGHT. I AM that annoying essential oils lady who is a yoga instructor too because she’s just that obsessed with relaxing and nurturing the body God gave me. Yes, I repeat: that girl who. used to roll her eyes at gym rats while nurturing self loathing as thick as my belly rolls (let’s also keep it real that I realize even at my biggest I was still not considered “big” to some, but size is relative and so is getting booty hurt. . .so let’s not get it twisted) is the same girl who types this today 50+ pounder lighter (lost track long ago. Another tip: GET OFF THE SCALE & GET ON THE MAT or TRACK or WHATEVER. Stop obsessing and start DOING).

There was no magic cure or magic potion or magic NOTHING that made me harness my inner turmoil into outer effort. I just chose to let my issues out through exercise rather than vices, cause honey that can only take you so far until you hit rock bottom. I chose to get outside every single morning with my daughter in the stroller–all the way from walking alongside her sideways so I could hold the bottle just right to saying PEACE to the car seat, flipping that growing baby around, and letting her explore and snack and kick and laugh while I continued to push her from behind, often running for the hell of it. Because it really does become what everyone says: freeing. And that’s coming from a devout HATER of running prior, but thanks to God being a genius and breastfeeding giving me the reduction I always wanted, my #1 reason for not exercising just wasn’t around anymore. I had no excuses left; just a bunch of feelings. It was time I did something productive, and so I did. And so I continue to choose to do. What will you choose for YOU? Eye rolling or happy strolling thru life?

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