“Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.” – Anonymous

[PART 1 OF 2]

Today, I proudly shared on my personal instagram how we sleep in our dining room ((well, baby has her own room like a natural princess but I’ll explain in a bit)). Yep, ya read that right! Here’s a bit of back-story. . .

I met my husband in high school and in the decade since then we’ve lived in many, many places together—most being apartments. We were just two kids riding the waves of life, kicking it independent style miles and miles away from family and enjoying our time together when all of a sudden God wanted to spice things up and plant a baby in me. Say whuuuuut—the biggest blessing to our marriage thus far we just didn’t know it or were quite ready to accept it yet lol. Unplanned or planned, having a child will be a trip no matter what. But, I digress. . .

Well, that started a snowball of change—from moving back home after 7ish years gone to dealing with a lot of depression, fear, and anxiety over all of our futures. I’m usually not one to know how to cope effectively with drastic changes or stresses. That’s why after months and months of turmoil I just decided to do that crazy thing and buy essential oils; not only that, but essential oils from “the expensive company” Young Living.  Dun, dun DUN! Friends and family thought my post partum depression was just making me do all sorts of craycray
things we always rolled eyes at before.


But when God has a new chapter to reveal in your life? You better get pen & paper ready cause He waits for no one. His plans will forever surpass our own #sovereign.


To be continued. . .


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