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So, I need to get something off my chest for a hot second. . .writing that last blog post stirred up some thoughts recently: I fall victim to the “YES” Monster more times than I care to admit. You know, that urge to not disappoint anyone or cause waves or go against the grain or make life harder or more burdened or whatever other made-up thoughts I conjure up to stick in other people’s heads to explain why I just can’t say NO sometimes when asked to do things Yeah, that’s the monster I speak of.
Currently, I’m reading multiple books (like my former bibliophile preteen self) and the one that stood out to me most in regards to that YES Monster is by Jen Hatmaker called For the Love. She says,

“Just tell the truth. Whatever question comes, just tell the truth. If you don’t know the answer, admit you struggle. If you disagree with the conversation, don’t sit there acting otherwise. Stop trying to self-preserve; that is a fool’s errand. [. . .] The best I offer the world is the truth—my highest gift. What the world does with it is not up to me. I am not in charge of outcomes, opinions, and assessments. I am not in the business of damage control. When I present a fabricated version of myself—the self who knows all, is ever certain, always steps strong—we all lose, because I cannot keep up with that lie and neither can you. [. . .] Why do we think others live carefree, self-assured lives while we slink around in the messy middle?”

Wise words, written far better than my little blogger heart could utter. Thanks, Jen for speaking through my heart and helping ME realize my own truths on the daily. So I encourage you to dig deep today and realize that it is OKAY to live in your truths and say NO to that YES Monster sometimes.

Curious on more inspo to tame that YES Monster? Check out The Best Yes by Lisa TerKeurst! I read that years ago and still refer back to it as guilt-trippin, self-sabatogin, self improving mama myself.


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