Anxious Feelings

IMG_20180116_231514_907Once upon a time, I was a girl who was too anxious to tell her parents if she had a boo-boo. Once upon a time, that little girl grew into an anxious teenager with as many internal issues as external friends. While I’ve always been that social butterfly at heart, the butterflies
have been even moreso rampant as I learned what peer pressure was and
outside influence and all the fun things that come with teenageland.
Fast-forward into young adulthood and I FINALLY discovered what anxiety truly was (thanks Google and maybe also some stubbornness that finally ran its course) and whew what a relief it was to know I was not alone. Some things that helped me just plain COPE on the daily were. . .
1. reading books (aka doing things that made me happy and let my mind escape)
2. practicing pranayama breathing (focusing on the deep breathing in your abdomen as you withdraw all senses inward solely on the inhales & exhales)
3. honestly the list could go on and on but for sake of this blog post being about YOU and helping address YOUR anxieties I’ll move on. . .
Lately, I’ve taken some tips from (another mention, yes, can ya tell I love it) Max Lucado’s book Anxious for Nothing. I encourage you to reflect on these reflections, play some inspiring music, and give yourself some love right here, right now. Release some anxieties. Let go. Breathe. . .
“Take some time to define your personal anxieties.
– What keeps you awake at night or wakes you up early?
– What persistently distracts you from the task at hand?
– What makes you chest tighten?
– If you anxieties change day to day, focus on naming what is currently on your mind and heart.”


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