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Faith yo Fears

“More people need to remember that the process is the best part of getting  results. The process is where the story begins and grows and thrives. Yet everyone is so quick to cut corners and succeed as fast as possible. Rest in the process and the benefits will expose themselves far sooner than that end result you so long for.” – Anthony Jackson

My husband tends to throw little golden nuggets of wisdom at me without even realizing the weight of his words nor their impact on my heart #thanksholyspirit. And if I’m quite honest, his frequent nudges of humility/patience/virtue are just one of my hippo-sized reasons for snagging that boy back in high school and turning him into my husband a decade later ((but really, HE turned ME into a wife and mother despite myself hah but that’s for another blog post)).

Oftentimes, when we set out on new adventures, ((however that may look for you: switching careers, taking negativity out of your life by cutting out toxic relationships, traveling to unknown lands & discovering versions of yourself you never realized were waiting to be unearthed amongst mother nature, etc)) we yearn for a travel-buddy. A life partner. A soul-sharer thru those memories made. And I thank my lucky stars every single night and praise Jesus for bringing me such a patient & empowering wealth of support in Anthony. But at the same time, I understand and empathize for SO many others out there who are lonely/feel unsupported in their dreams. . .

I have been there, weary dreamer, and you need to know something right this very moment: the key to success is consistent & sought-after FAITH–faith in God when faith in yourself falters & fails ((cause it will, ya human, so give yourself some grace now and perhaps claim yo’self like me as a #perfectionistinrecovery)). Even if God/spirituality ain’t yo thing, when was the last time you researched the meaning behind this word? The Webster definition according to good ol’ google is:

“Allegiance to a person or duty”

“Sincerity of intentions”

“Belief or trust in and loyalty to God”

“Something that is believed especially with strong conviction”

And let me tell ya, being a part of a wellness driven MLM for well over a year now has exposed me to a plethora of faithful ((or lack there of)) scenarios, and I can’t express enough how many women simply just want a cheerleader–maybe even a whole tribe of people there to listen, and listen, and listen some more to all the things that wear us down on the daily. All the things that make us feel not good enough or undeserved. All the things that steal our joy and happiness over and over and over again until we look up from our moody mcmuffin selves and realize “huh…everyone around me is upset right now…*cue more moodiness*” ((oh, is that just me?…doubt it!)).

So, my reader, the question lies here: what/whom is your motivator? inspirer? goal supporter? faith rekindler? If you’re sitting there staring at your screen dumbfounded all of a sudden then maybe now is a good a time as ever to learn how to inject passion back into yo life. I encourage you to spend some quiet moments alone after reading this and just be present for your dreams stirring deep inside. Be present for the hope and faith waiting just beneath the surface of your skepticisms and fears. Be present for yourself and just BE that person you strive towards. LIVE out those goals instead of treating them like deadlines you’re terrified to not achieve. Rest in the fact that this is the only life you have to enjoy, so you might as well start enjoying it. Even in the difficult moods. Even in the valleys of adversity. Cause my husband is right, ((but let’s not rub it in, shall we? teehee)), we ALL need to learn how to embrace the journey instead of only focusing on the destination. Namaste, friends. Now go sieze the day!

TOOTLES!! ((and why did it take me several blog posts to realize I also tend to/enjoy misspelling that word as well? IDK but the oxymoron isn’t lost on me lol))

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